About Us

About Us

CFAB (Chettiar Foods and Beverages Pvt Ltd) is one of the verticals of the Chettiar group of companies. The company is in existence for the last 20+ year through the promoter’s various business profiles throughout India and overseas. The Chettiar group company is engaged with the pool of highly talented and qualified and 40+ yrs. of experienced in-house staff for their operations.

CFAB is supported and backed up by more than 500+ farmers for their supply of farm produce. Also, we have a significant association with local associates/farm supporters, etc. CFAB has a good network of distribution and supply chain, shipping agents, etc., to provide exceptionally better service to all our customers.

Chettiar group’s flagship firm is “Chettiar Consulting Engineers (CCE)” based in Mumbai and has been providing engineering design consultancy various sectors including monumental projects of the country precisely like Airports, Five Star Hotels, Super Speciality Hospitals, SEZ, IT Park, Data Centres, Textile, Manufacturing facilities, Warehouses, Residential Towers, Skyscrapers, Commercial Towers etc., to name a few.

Chettiar infrastructure Pvt Ltd (CIPL) has been providing turnkey contracting services in all fields of engineering and other sectors.

Chettiar Foods : Helping hand for the farmer

  • It’s difficult for every farmer to sell their farm to produce locally directly to the customer. Selling produce through Chettiar foods farmers will earn the trust of customers.
  • Farmers whether they own a small or a large farm, they want to sell their produce at the best price. We design the guideline for farmers that describes where and how they can sell their products. Here we resolve their problem and help them to make their profitable money by selling produce to outlets and consumers.

Our products

  • We have extensive options in fresh products including your favourite fruits and vegetables, food grains, and some other products from local farmers across India .  Every Part of the country is popular for certain Agri product variety and we selectively source it from the best farm and best part of the country and distribute further to make it available to the Living Being across the Globe with utmost care in collecting,handling, cleaning,  processing and distributing till reaches the end user.
  • Our major products are original Red soil grown Alphonso Mangoes. We distribute the real Red Soil Grown mangos directly from Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, or Devgad. Also, we distribute the famous Banginipalle mangoes from Andhra Pradesh or Telangana. And we distribute the Gujrat’s famous Kesar mangoes.
  • Apart from this, to name a few, we supply Samba or Khapli wheat, jaggary, rice, turmeric, spices, red chilli and their powders respectively. We are not limited to supply these items. We take some other products like onion, potato, grapes, pomegranates, tomato, sweet corn (frozen), etc. and distribute to the market all over India.


Our Goal

  • It’s a matter of Quality : To export and import the best product from the best place and distribute not only in India but also overseas.
  • Provide Agricultural Assistance : To assist farmers in procuring best seeds across the globe, follow the best agri procedures in farming to increase the yield while following organic practice.
  • Work in a meshwork : To create a large pool of contract farming and connect the farmers and many SMEs and their produce to reach the globe in the Agri-food sector.
  • Make profitable deals : To obtain the Agro-food products at profitable price from farmers and distribute it to all at the most competitive and the lowest possible price.
  • Balancing the cleanliness and hygiene : To maintain the highest level of hygiene and quality in commodities that we handle to maintain its original quality.
  • Business transparency : To maintain the highest level of transparency in every activity and with every one we deal with.
  • Attractive package within the time : To provide customised packaging, Timely & Safe Delivery of commodities.
  • Popular and renowned firm : To Become the Best performing and Most Respected AgroFood Company from India.

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